Lima Envec, design, manufacture and supply of polyurethane and rubber products and components

:: Advanced chemistry + experience in PU and Rubber manufacturing :: Product design assistance + material testing facilities :: ISO9001 quality approved manufacturing processes :: Full tooling and mould manufacturing facilities + manufacture of associated metal components :: PU & Polyurea application systems :: Vibro Bowl & Vibratory Finishing Machine Relining/Exchange Service :: Specialists in manufacture
and supply of automotive bushes for cars, commercial & military vehicles
:: Licensors of PU process and application systems ::

Lima Envec is a leading provider of Polyurethane and Rubber products and components to UK industry with 25 years experience.

Manufacturing PU and rubber products to customer design, Lima Envec also designs and commissions PU systems and processes for in-house or on-site application systems, including increasingly popular Spray PU and Polyurea systems. Supplying hundreds of customers in many different industries, the company continually makes new tooling and moulds for customer designs, and provides new PU and rubber formulas to satisfy demanding new applications. Vibro Bowl Re-Lining, Automotive Bushes, PU Sheeting and Rubber-to-Metal bonded components remain core product areas, with a rapidly expanding demand for Polyurea and Spray PU products.

We have two web sites dedicated to Polyurethane and Rubber products respectively, click on the links below.